Oregon Statutes - Chapter 541 - Watershed Enhancement and Protection; Water Development Projects; Miscellaneous Provisions on Water Rights; Stewardship Agreements - Section 541.740 - Liens and other loan security; foreclosure; rules.

(1)(a) When a loan is made to a water developer other than a water developer described in ORS 541.700 (7)(a), (b), (c) or (d) for the construction of a water development project under ORS 541.700 to 541.855, the State of Oregon has a lien for the amount of the unpaid balance of the loan. The lien created by this subsection attaches to the real property held in fee simple of the water developer or to the user charges, including interest, owed to or received by the water developer. The lien created by this subsection does not attach to a leasehold. At the discretion of the Water Resources Commission, the lien may attach to all real property, whether owned by the water developer or other persons, which is served by the water development project or which is served by a water source enhanced or restored by the water development project.

(b) Except for tax liens, the lien created by this section is prior and superior to all other liens or encumbrances upon the affected real property or user charges, without regard to the date on which the other liens or encumbrances attached to the real property or user charges. However, the Water Resources Commission may elect to accept a second or parity lien position against the real property or user charges encumbered by this section, if the commission determines the lien position would provide adequate security for the water development loan, as set forth in rules adopted by the commission.

(c) The existence or foreclosure of the lien created by this subsection shall not cause the acceleration of payment of user charges or other payments on affected real property. Such payments shall continue to be made as they become due.

(2) When a loan is made under ORS 541.700 to 541.855 to a water developer described in ORS 541.700 (7)(a), (b), (c) or (d), the loan shall be secured by a mortgage or security agreement in the full amount of the loan. The mortgage or security agreement shall be a first lien, or a parity or second lien if the commission determines it would provide adequate security, upon such real property of the water developer as the commission shall require for adequate security.

(3) When a lien created by subsection (1) of this section is foreclosed, a person whose real property is subject to the lien solely because that real property is irrigated or drained by reason of a water development project or because the real property is served by a water source improved by a water development project for watershed enhancement, shall only have that portion of real property subjected to foreclosure that represents that personís pro rata share of the indebtedness.

(4) When a loan is made to a water developer under ORS 541.700 to 541.855, the commission shall file notice of the loan with the recording officer of each county in which is situated real property of the water developer or real property to which the lien created by subsection (1) or (2) of this section may attach. The notice shall contain a description of the real property of the water developer, a description of any other real property that will be served by the water development project and to which the lien is to attach, the amount of the loan and a statement that the State of Oregon has a lien against such real property as provided in subsection (1) or (2) of this section.

(5) Upon payment of all amounts loaned to a water developer pursuant to ORS 541.700 to 541.855, the commission shall file with each recording officer referred to in subsection (4) of this section a satisfaction notice that indicates repayment of the loan.

(6) The commission may cause to be instituted appropriate proceedings to foreclose liens for delinquent loan payments, and shall pay the proceeds of any such foreclosure, less expenses incurred in foreclosing, into the Water Development Administration and Bond Sinking Fund. In a foreclosure proceeding, the commission may bid on property offered for sale in the proceeding and may acquire title to the property on behalf of the state.

(7) The commission may take any action, make any disbursement, hold any funds or institute any action or proceeding necessary to protect the stateís interest.

(8) Notwithstanding ORS 293.240, the commission may compromise, release, discharge, waive, cancel or settle a claim against a water developer if such action:

(a) Is consistent with the purposes of ORS 541.700 to 541.855;

(b) Does not impair the ability to pay the administrative expenses of the commission or the obligations of any bonds outstanding; and

(c) Is, under the circumstances, the means most likely to preserve the claim or to recover the greatest part of the amount claimed.

(9) The commission, by rule, may set out procedures to be used when a water developer is unable to make required loan payments because of illness, injury, death, involuntary job loss or economic stress due to factors beyond individual control. The rules shall be effective to the extent permitted by the terms of the contracts associated with affected loans. The rules:

(a) May provide for a temporary reduction of loan payment;

(b) May provide for any other solution jointly agreed to by the water developer and the commission;

(c) Shall provide for repayment of the amount of any loan payments reduced under the rules in accordance with terms and conditions agreed upon by the borrower and the commission; and

(d) Shall require the commission to consider the effect of any payment reduction or delay on the solvency of the program as a whole, on estimates of the most probable financial position of the program in the future and on other borrowers in the program.

(10)(a) Upon application by a water developer, the commission may grant a partial release of security when the commission determines that granting the requested release will not jeopardize the water development loan programís security position.

(b) The remaining property must qualify as security for the loan balance under the applicable law.

(c) Notwithstanding compliance with paragraph (b) of this subsection, the commission may require that the loan balance be reduced as consideration for granting the requested release. [1977 c.246 §8; 1981 c.166 §4; 1985 c.673 §118; 1987 c.636 §4; 1989 c.950 §3; 1999 c.212 §4]

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