Oregon Statutes - Chapter 545 - Irrigation Districts - Section 545.381 - Annual assessments; computation of amount to be raised; apportionment; determination of acreage and assessments; credit for water rights.

(1) On or before the first Tuesday in April of each year, the board of directors shall make a computation of the whole amount of money necessary to be raised by the district for the ensuing year for any purpose whatsoever in carrying out the Irrigation District Law, including estimated delinquencies on assessments. The board may provide for a reasonable maintenance and operation reserve fund. The amount determined by the board shall constitute an assessment upon all the land included in the district. The amount determined by the board shall be apportioned by the board to the lands owned or held by each person so that each acre of irrigable land in the district shall be assessed and required to pay the same amount, except as otherwise provided in this section and ORS 545.385, 545.387, 545.389, 545.391 and 545.413.

(2) The board of directors shall determine the number of irrigable acres owned by each landowner in the district and the proportionate assessments as nearly as may be from available information. If a substantial error is made in the determination, proper adjustment may be made at the next equalization of the annual assessment by increasing or decreasing the amount any landowner shall pay. Any lands owned by any person totaling less than one acre in area shall be assessed as one acre.

(3) Until such time as the water rights appurtenant to any tract of land within an irrigation district are acquired by the district, the assessments against that land, except for operation, maintenance and drainage, shall be in the same proportion to a full assessment as the additional water right to be supplied to the tract bears to a full water right. For operation, maintenance and drainage, each irrigable acre in the district shall be assessed the same, except as otherwise provided in ORS 545.387, 545.389, 545.391 and 545.413. [Formerly 545.432; 2001 c.215 §19]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008