Oregon Statutes - Chapter 55 - Small Claims - Section 55.120 - Form of appeal; bond; proceedings in circuit court; no further appeal.

(1) The appeal from the small claims department may be in the following form:


In the Circuit Court for ______ County, Oregon.






Comes now _____, a resident of _____ County, Oregon, and appeals from the decision of the small claims department of the justice court for ______ District, ______ County, Oregon, wherein a judgment for ______ dollars was awarded against the appellant on the ______ day of ______, 2__.

____________, Appellant.


(2) All appeals shall be filed with the justice of the peace and accompanied by a bond, with satisfactory surety, to secure the payment of the judgment, costs and attorney’s fees, as provided in ORS 55.110. The appeal shall be tried in the circuit court without any other pleadings than those required in the justice court originally trying the cause. All papers in the cause shall be certified to the circuit court as is provided by law in other cases of appeals in civil actions in justice courts. The circuit court may require any other or further statements or information it may deem necessary for a proper consideration of the controversy. The appeal shall be tried in the circuit court without a jury. There shall be no appeal from any judgment of the circuit court rendered upon the appeal, but such judgment shall be final and conclusive. [Amended by 1977 c.875 §18; 1985 c.342 §11; 2005 c.22 §38]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008