Oregon Statutes - Chapter 55 - Small Claims - Section 55.075 - Time and place of hearing; procedure if right to jury trial asserted; fees.

(1) If the defendant demands a hearing in the small claims department of the court, the court shall fix a day and time for the hearing and shall mail to the parties a notice of the hearing time in the form prescribed by the court, instructing them to bring witnesses, documents and other evidence pertinent to the controversy.

(2) If the defendant asserts a counterclaim, the notice of the hearing time shall contain a copy of the counterclaim.

(3) If the defendant claims the right to a jury trial, the court shall notify the plaintiff to file a formal complaint within 20 days following the mailing of such notice. The notice shall instruct the plaintiff to serve a summons and copy of the complaint by mail on the defendant at the designated address of the defendant. Proof of service of the summons and complaint copy may be made by certificate of the plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney attached to the complaint prior to its filing. The plaintiff’s claim in such formal complaint is not limited to the amount stated in the claim filed in the small claims department but it must involve the same controversy. The defendant shall have 10 days in which to move, plead or otherwise appear following the day on which the summons and copy of the complaint would be delivered to the defendant in due course of mail. Thereafter, the cause shall proceed as other causes in the justice court, and costs and disbursements shall be allowed and taxed and fees not previously paid shall be charged and collected as provided in ORS 51.310 and 52.410 for other cases tried in justice court, except that the appearance fee for plaintiff shall be an amount equal to the difference between the fee paid by the plaintiff as required by ORS 51.310 (1)(c) and the fee required of a plaintiff by ORS 51.310 (1)(a). [1989 c.583 §8]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008