Oregon Statutes - Chapter 552 - Water Improvement Districts - Section 552.710 - Subdistrict procedure; authority.

(1) When a district has adopted a plan under ORS 552.403, subdistricts may be created as provided by this section.

(2) Proceedings to create subdistricts, located totally or partially within or outside of a district, may be initiated by a petition of the landowners within the subdistrict. Except as otherwise provided by this section, the petition shall fulfill the same requirements concerning the subdistrict as a petition is, by ORS 552.118, required to fulfill concerning the creation of the main district. The petition shall be filed with the county board of the county where the greater portion of land within the boundaries of the subdistrict is located, and shall be accompanied by an undertaking as provided by ORS 552.118. Proceedings to create a subdistrict shall conform in all things to the provisions relating to the creation of a district. However, the owners of 50 percent or more of the total acreage within the proposed subdistrict shall be required to sign the petition for the creation of a subdistrict.

(3) If the county board adopts an order creating a subdistrict, the clerk of the county board shall give notice of the order to the district board. The district board of the main district is the governing board of each subdistrict of the district. For the purpose of qualifying to be a member of a district board, under ORS 552.208 (1), ownership of land within a subdistrict, regardless of the location of the subdistrict, is considered ownership of land within the district. The territory within one subdistrict may be included within another subdistrict or subdistricts.

(4) After the creation of a subdistrict, proceedings in reference to a subdistrict shall in all matters conform to the provisions of this chapter applicable to districts. In all matters affecting only a subdistrict, provisions of this chapter applicable to a district apply to the subdistrict as though it were an independent district.

(5) The petition for creation of a subdistrict shall include a statement of the amount or quantity of water for which the subdistrict desires to acquire the perpetual use and the amount of money the subdistrict is willing to pay therefor. Prior to the entry of a judgment creating a subdistrict, the county board shall be furnished the verified consent of the district board to furnish such perpetual use of water for the purposes specified to the subdistrict at a price and upon the terms mentioned in the petition. [1969 c.606 §32; 2003 c.576 §519]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008