Oregon Statutes - Chapter 570 - Plants; Inspection, Quarantine, Pest and Weed Control - Section 570.125 - Inspector of outgoing shipments.

(1) Upon request of any nurseryman or tree dealer doing business within this state, the Director of Agriculture may deputize a suitable person to inspect outgoing shipments from such nurseryman or tree dealer. The nurseryman or tree dealer shall pay the person so deputized for services while they are required by such nurseryman or tree dealer.

(2) In case the shipping business of any two or more nurserymen and tree dealers is not in the aggregate more than one person can inspect properly and such group makes satisfactory arrangements for payment of the person making such inspection, the director may deputize a person to inspect the shipment of all members of such group.

(3) No person deputized by the director to inspect outgoing shipments of nursery stock shall make any certificate concerning such shipments which is not true. No person so deputized shall allow a certificate of inspection given by the person to be attached to any tree, shrub, vine, plant, scion, bud, or box, crate, bale, bundle or container of the same or of any of them unless the person personally has inspected the articles and all of them immediately before signing such certificate, which must be dated in writing at the time it is signed.

(4) The director may revoke deputization of any such person at any time if the director believes such person is not properly doing the duty of the person.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008