Oregon Statutes - Chapter 586 - Warehouses; Grain and Commodity Inspection - Section 586.360 - Warehouseman required to receive grain for storage; reservation of space for local customers; load slips; warehouse receipts.

(1) Every warehouseman shall receive for storage and handling, as the capacity of the public warehouse of the warehouseman will permit, all grain in a public warehouse licensed for such purpose, in suitable condition for storage, tendered the warehouseman in the usual course of business, without discrimination of any kind. However, a warehouseman may reserve adequate storage space for local producer customers.

(2) Every warehouseman receiving grain for storage or handling shall issue to every person delivering the grain to the warehouseman a load slip which shall contain thereon the actual weight of each draft of the grain and the tare, if any, and other information required by the State Department of Agriculture, immediately upon receipt of each load or parcel of grain. The warehouseman receiving grain for storage or handling shall within 10 days after demand, issue and deliver to the owner of the grain, or the representative of the owner, a negotiable or nonnegotiable grain warehouse receipt in form prescribed by the department, unless exempted by ORS 586.380 (3). [Amended by 1955 c.731 §12; 1961 c.445 §9; 1991 c.894 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008