Oregon Statutes - Chapter 586 - Warehouses; Grain and Commodity Inspection - Section 586.370 - Obtaining blank forms of receipts from department.

(1) The State Department of Agriculture shall cause to be printed, bound and delivered to each person operating a public warehouse a sufficient number of blank negotiable and nonnegotiable grain warehouse receipts, in such form and as prescribed by the department, required to carry on the business of such public warehouse when needed. No person shall use such forms for any purpose other than in connection with receipt of grain for storage or handling.

(2) Every person intending to operate a public warehouse shall file with the department for that purpose a requisition for such number of negotiable and nonnegotiable grain warehouse receipts as may be required for the operation of such public warehouse during the ensuing license year, specifying:

(a) The name of the warehouseman intending to operate such public warehouse.

(b) The state number of the public warehouse, or the respective numbers of the public warehouses, intended to be operated.

(c) The respective quantities of blank forms of receipts required for each public warehouse.

(d) The place where each public warehouse, respectively, is located.

(e) The location of the principal place of business of the warehouseman operating such public warehouse or warehouses.

(f) The rate of handling and storage charges at such public warehouse, or each of such warehouses, respectively.

(g) Such other information as may be required by the department, specified in the blank form of requisition.

(3) All receipt forms shall state thereon the amount of cash or other advances made by the warehouseman to the depositor of grain.

(4) Payment for such receipts shall be made in advance. Every such warehouseman may file requisitions for additional receipts from time to time as the warehouseman requires. [Amended by 1955 c.731 §13; 1961 c.445 §10]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008