Oregon Statutes - Chapter 604 - Brands and Marks; Feedlots - Section 604.027 - Application to record brand; certification; renewal; fees; rules.

(1) A person desiring to record a brand on any species of livestock shall submit a written and signed application therefor to the State Department of Agriculture, setting forth a facsimile and description of the brand, the species of livestock upon which it will be used and the specific intended location on the animal. The application must be accompanied by a brand recording fee of $25 for each brand on each species of livestock on which the brand is to be used. The person must also pay a prorated activation fee prior to recordation of the brand. The activation fee may not exceed $100. Upon receipt of an application and the required fees, if the department determines that the brand applied for is available, the department shall issue a certificate of recordation of the distinctive brand, the approved location on the animal and the species of livestock to which it applies.

(2) During September of each year the department shall attempt to notify all holders of an expiring recorded brand of the need to renew the brand. The department shall attempt the notification by sending a renewal notice to the holderís last address as shown on the departmentís records. The holder of a recorded brand may renew the brand by submitting to the department a brand renewal fee for each brand on each species of livestock on which the brand is to be used. The brand renewal fee may not exceed $100. However, if the species of livestock is sheep, the fee may not exceed $40.

(3) A recorded brand expires if the department does not receive the brand renewal fee by January 4 next following the attempt to notify the brand holder of the need to renew the brand. Within 60 days after a brand expires, the department shall give written notice of the expiration by mail addressed to the person who held the expired brand at the last address shown on the departmentís records. The fee to activate an expired brand is equal to the brand recording fee plus a prorated renewal fee. If the person fails to activate the expired brand within one year after expiration of the brand, the brand is considered abandoned and any person may apply for recordation and use of that brand.

(4) When issuing or renewing a brand recordation, the department shall adjust certificate expiration dates as necessary to ensure that an approximately equal number of brand recordation expire in each year of a four-year cycle. The department shall prorate a brand renewal fee to reflect an adjustment of a certificate expiration date.

(5) The department shall establish the amount of brand activation fees and brand renewal fees by rule. [1981 c.248 §5; 1985 c.262 §1; 1991 c.660 §2; 2003 c.575 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008