Oregon Statutes - Chapter 609 - Animal Control; Exotic Animals; Dealers - Section 609.510 - Animal dealers required to keep records; report to State Department of Agriculture; fee; public inspection of records.

(1) Every animal dealer shall establish and maintain records on each dog or cat and the dogís or catís offspring in the dealerís possession or control, including:

(a) The species, gender, approximate age, color and distinctive markings and breed of the dog or cat;

(b) A photograph of the dog or cat made within 24 hours of acquisition or birth;

(c) The name, address and driver license number or other official state identification number of the person providing the dog or cat;

(d) The date of acquisition or birth of the dog or cat;

(e) The date and nature of disposition of the dog or cat; and

(f) The intended destination of the dog or cat at release.

(2) Within 24 hours of the acquisition or birth of a dog or cat in the possession of any animal dealer, the dealer shall forward, by first class mail or any more expeditious method, the information required by subsection (1) of this section to the State Department of Agriculture and a fee of $1 for each dog or cat reported.

(3) The department shall maintain the reports and provide for public inspection of, and telephone inquiries concerning, the reports during normal business hours. [1991 c.837 §5]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008