Oregon Statutes - Chapter 609 - Animal Control; Exotic Animals; Dealers - Section 609.652 - Definitions for ORS 609.654.

As used in ORS 609.654:

(1)(a) “Aggravated animal abuse” means any animal abuse as described in ORS 167.322.

(b) “Aggravated animal abuse” does not include:

(A) Good animal husbandry, as defined in ORS 167.310; or

(B) Any exemption listed in ORS 167.335.

(2) “Law enforcement agency” means:

(a) Any city or municipal police department.

(b) Any county sheriff’s office.

(c) The Oregon State Police.

(d) A law enforcement division of a county or municipal animal control agency that employs sworn officers.

(3) “Public or private official” means:

(a) A physician, including any intern or resident.

(b) A dentist.

(c) A school employee.

(d) A licensed practical nurse or registered nurse.

(e) An employee of the Department of Human Services, State Commission on Children and Families, Child Care Division of the Employment Department, the Oregon Youth Authority, a county health department, a community mental health and developmental disabilities program, a county juvenile department, a licensed child-caring agency or an alcohol and drug treatment program.

(f) A peace officer.

(g) A psychologist.

(h) A member of the clergy.

(i) A licensed clinical social worker.

(j) An optometrist.

(k) A chiropractor.

(L) A certified provider of foster care, or an employee thereof.

(m) An attorney.

(n) A naturopathic physician.

(o) A licensed professional counselor.

(p) A licensed marriage and family therapist.

(q) A firefighter or emergency medical technician.

(r) A court appointed special advocate, as defined in ORS 419A.004.

(s) A child care provider registered or certified under ORS 657A.030 and 657A.250 to 657A.450.

(t) A member of the Legislative Assembly. [2007 c.731 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008