Oregon Statutes - Chapter 616 - General and Miscellaneous Provisions - Section 616.355 - Enforcement procedure for violation of ORS 616.341, 616.345 or 616.350.

(1) Whenever the State Department of Agriculture determines under the provisions of ORS 616.341, 616.345 or 616.350 the fact that a product or food does or may seriously endanger or affect the health or life of animals or people, by reason of the addition to or the application of a pesticide chemical or other poisonous or dangerous chemical, substance or material in or on such product or food, the department is authorized and is directed to take or carry out any measure, action or procedure necessary for the protection of the health or life of animals or people.

(2) The order, rules promulgated thereunder or amendments thereto, may include:

(a) Seizing, embargoing and quarantining such product or food in accordance with the applicable provisions of ORS 561.605 to 561.630.

(b) Prohibiting temporarily or permanently the sale, offer for sale or the disposing of such product or food.

(c) Requiring reconditioning, processing or reprocessing, relabeling or other procedures as set out in ORS 561.605 to 561.625 before such product or food may be sold, offered for sale or disposed of for consumption by animals or people.

(d) Requiring such product or food to be destroyed without indemnity if it is verified it is unfit or unsafe for consumption by animals or people. [1961 c.637 §6; 1973 c.227 §19; 1975 c.304 §17]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008