Oregon Statutes - Chapter 622 - Shellfish - Section 622.340 - Transfer by reference to filed plat; fee.

(1) Sales, leases, assignments, conveyances, relinquishments and other transfers of oyster plantations and claims, or parts thereof, or of plats for the cultivation of oysters, clams or mussels may be made by reference to the plat filed as provided in ORS 622.210 to 622.300 and 622.320. The heirs, successors, assignees and lessees of those plats are entitled to continued possession of such plats by compliance with ORS 622.210 to 622.300 and 622.320.

(2) A person proposing to sell, lease, assign, convey, relinquish or otherwise transfer an oyster plantation claim or a plat for the cultivation of oysters, clams or mussels shall provide the State Department of Agriculture notice of such transaction within 30 days of the effective date of the transaction.

(3) The filing of such a notice, if other than a relinquishment, shall be accompanied by a claim or plat certificate reissuance fee of $100 for each affected claim or plat.

(4) The failure to provide the notice required by subsection (2) of this section shall result in the department holding the lessor of record of the claim or plat responsible for compliance with the provisions of ORS 622.210 to 622.360 and all provisions of the lease grant certificate. [Formerly 509.495; 1997 c.375 §9]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008