Oregon Statutes - Chapter 670 - Occupations and Professions Generally - Section 670.275 - Policy statement.

In enacting chapter 753, Oregon Laws 1971, it is the intention of the Legislative Assembly to provide for the more effective coordination of the administrative functions of boards charged with responsibility for protecting the public through the licensing and regulating of certain professions practiced in this state. Further, it is the intention of the Legislative Assembly to retain responsibility for decisions on qualifications, standards of practice, licensing, discipline and other discretionary functions relating to professional activities in the professional licensing boards, members of which are qualified by education, training and experience to make the necessary judgments. [Formerly 184.575]

Note: Legislative Counsel has substituted “chapter 753, Oregon Laws 1971,” for the words “this Act” in section 1, chapter 753, Oregon Laws 1971, compiled as 670.275 [Formerly 184.575]. Specific ORS references have not been substituted pursuant to 173.160. These sections may be determined by referring to the 1971 Comparative Section Table located in Volume 20 of ORS.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008