Oregon Statutes - Chapter 671 - Architect; Landscape Professions and Business - Section 671.321 - Activities not considered practice of landscape architecture.

(1) ORS 671.310 to 671.459, 671.992 and 671.995 do not restrict or otherwise affect the right of any person to:

(a) Practice architecture under ORS 671.010 to 671.220;

(b) Practice engineering under ORS 672.002 to 672.325;

(c) Engage in the occupation of growing and marketing nursery stock, or use the title “nurseryman” or “landscape nurseryman”;

(d) Operate as a landscape construction professional or landscape contracting business under ORS 671.510 to 671.760 or use the title “landscape construction professional” or “landscape contractor”;

(e) Perform work described under ORS 671.540;

(f) Engage in making plans or drawings for the selection, placement or use of plants or other site features unless the plans or drawings are for the purpose of providing construction details and specifications not otherwise exempted;

(g) Use the title “landscape designer” in connection with activities described under paragraph (f) of this subsection;

(h) Make any plans, drawings or specifications for property owned by that person; or

(i) Provide recommendations or written specifications for soil amendments or planting mediums if the recommendations or specifications are solely for purposes of plant installation and do not significantly alter the stability of the soil profile or surface drainage patterns.

(2) The scope of services described in ORS 671.310 (5) and (6) does not preclude a registered landscape architect from:

(a) Planning the development of land areas and elements used on land areas; or

(b) Performing services described in ORS 671.310 (5) and (6) in connection with the settings, approaches or environment for buildings, structures or facilities in accordance with legally established standards for public health, safety and welfare.

(3) ORS 671.310 to 671.459, 671.992 and 671.995 do not apply to:

(a) The preparation of detailed or shop drawings that a construction contractor is required to furnish or the administration of construction contracts by a person customarily engaged in contracting work.

(b) The preparation of technical submissions or the administration of construction contracts by employees of a landscape architect or a landscape architecture business when acting under the direct supervision of a registered landscape architect.

(c) Employees of the federal government acting within the scope of that employment. [2001 c.950 §5; 2007 c.541 §10]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008