Oregon Statutes - Chapter 683 - Optometrists; Opticians - Section 683.210 - Continuing education requirement; fee; rules.

(1) All optometrists licensed in the State of Oregon are and shall be required to satisfactorily complete courses of study and satisfactorily continue their education by other means as determined by the Oregon Board of Optometry in subjects relating to the practice of the profession of optometry. The study and continued education shall be for the purpose of maintaining and advancing the professional skills and abilities of such licensees and for the purpose of educating such licensees in the utilization and application of new techniques, scientific and clinical advances and the achievements of research so that expansive and comprehensive care to the public will be assured. The length, details and nature of such study and continued education shall be determined by the board.

(2) Attendance at any approved courses or other approved means of continuing education are to be certified to the board upon a form provided by the board and shall be submitted by each optometrist at the time designated by the board but in any case no less frequently than once every two years. In addition to other means of providing such courses and education facilities, the board is authorized to contract for the providing of educational programs to fulfill the requirements of this section and ORS 683.140. The board is further authorized to treat funds set aside for the purpose of continuing education as state funds for the purpose of accepting any funds made available under federal law on a matching basis for the promulgation and maintenance of programs of continuing education. In no instance may the board require a greater number of hours of study than it provides or approves in the State of Oregon and that are available on the same basis to all licensed optometrists. The board shall be allowed to waive the requirements of this section and ORS 683.140 in cases of illness, undue hardship or other similar appropriate reasons.

(3) The board may levy an additional fee for each license renewal to carry out the provisions of this section and ORS 683.140.

(4) After giving written notice to all licensees and holding a public hearing, the board shall promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this section and ORS 683.140. [1973 c.69 §§2,4,5; 1987 c.443 §10; 1997 c.506 §1; 1997 c.643 §30]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008