Oregon Statutes - Chapter 688 - Therapeutic and Technical Services: Physical Therapists; Radiologic Technologists and Radiation Therapists; Hemodialysis Technicians; Athletic Trainers; Respiratory Therapists - Section 688.135 - Duties and responsibilities of physical therapist.

(1) A physical therapist licensed under ORS 688.010 to 688.201 shall:

(a) Be responsible for managing all aspects of the physical therapy care of each patient.

(b) Ensure the qualifications of all physical therapist assistants and physical therapist aides working under the direction and supervision of the physical therapist.

(c) Provide for each patient the therapeutic intervention that requires the expertise of a physical therapist and determine and supervise the use of physical therapist assistants or physical therapist aides to provide care that is safe, effective and efficient.

(2) Responsibility for patient care management shall include accurate documentation and billing of the physical therapy services provided. Information relating to the physical therapist-patient relationship is confidential and a physical therapist shall comply with the laws and rules governing the use and disclosure of a patientís protected health information as provided in ORS 192.518 to 192.529.

(3) Each physical therapist shall display a copy of the physical therapistís license or current renewal verification in a location accessible to public view at the physical therapistís place of practice or employment.

(4) A physical therapist may purchase, store and administer topical and aerosol medications as part of the practice of physical therapy as defined in ORS 688.010. A physical therapist shall comply with any rules adopted by the State Board of Pharmacy specifying protocols for storage of medications.

(5) A physical therapist shall adhere to the standards of ethics recognized by the physical therapy profession as further established by a nationally recognized professional organization of physical therapists and as further adopted by the board.

(6) A physical therapist shall disclose to a patient any direct financial interest in products that the physical therapist endorses and recommends to the patient at the time of such endorsement or recommendation. The disclosure shall be documented in the patientís record.

(7) A physical therapist shall refer a patient to an appropriate health care practitioner if the physical therapist has reasonable cause to believe symptoms or conditions are present that require services beyond the scope of practice of a physical therapist or when physical therapy is contraindicated.

(8) A physical therapist may provide compensable services to an injured worker only as authorized by ORS 656.250.

(9) Nothing in ORS 688.010 to 688.201 shall prohibit a physical therapist licensed under ORS 688.010 to 688.201 from accepting a referral from a veterinarian licensed under ORS chapter 686. The referral must be in writing and specify the treatment or therapy to be provided, pursuant to ORS 686.040 (4). A physical therapist practicing under this subsection shall be held to the standard of care for veterinarians set forth in ORS chapter 686. [2005 c.627 §16]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008