Oregon Statutes - Chapter 688 - Therapeutic and Technical Services: Physical Therapists; Radiologic Technologists and Radiation Therapists; Hemodialysis Technicians; Athletic Trainers; Respiratory Therapists - Section 688.525 - Grounds for discipline; investigation of complaints; confidential information.

(1) The Board of Radiologic Technology, after notice of and hearing as required under the contested case procedures of ORS chapter 183, may refuse to license any applicant, may refuse to renew the license or permit of any radiologic technologist or may suspend or revoke the license or permit of a person who:

(a) Is chemically dependent.

(b) In the judgment of the board is guilty of unethical or unprofessional conduct in the practice of radiologic technology.

(c) Has been convicted of any crime where the crime bears a demonstrable relationship to the practice of radiologic technology.

(d) In the judgment of the board, is guilty of gross negligence in the practice of radiologic technology.

(e) Has been adjudged incompetent by a court of law and thereafter has not been lawfully declared competent.

(f) Has undertaken to act as a radiologic technologist independently of the supervision of a practitioner licensed by the State of Oregon to practice one of the healing arts.

(g) Has obtained or attempted to obtain a license or permit under ORS 688.405 to 688.605 by fraud or material misrepresentation.

(2) Upon receipt of a complaint under ORS 688.405 to 688.605, the board shall conduct an investigation as described under ORS 676.165.

(3) Information that the board obtains as part of an investigation into licensee or applicant conduct or as part of a contested case proceeding, consent order or stipulated agreement involving licensee or applicant conduct is confidential as provided under ORS 676.175. [1977 c.534 §28; 1979 c.744 §60; 1993 c.247 §4; 1997 c.791 §46; 1999 c.517 §8]

(State Board)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008