Oregon Statutes - Chapter 743 - Health and Life Insurance - Section 743.531 - Direct payment of hospital and medical services; rate limitations.

(1) A group health insurance policy may on request by the group policyholder provide that all or any portion of any indemnities provided by such policy on account of hospital, nursing, medical or surgical services may, at the insurerís option, be paid directly to the hospital or person rendering such services. However, the amount of any such payment shall not exceed the amount of benefit provided by the policy with respect to the service or billing of the provider of aid. The amount of such payments pursuant to one or more assignments shall not exceed the amount of expenses incurred on account of such hospitalization or medical or surgical aid.

(2) Nothing in this section is intended to authorize an insurer to:

(a) Furnish or provide directly services of hospitals or physicians and surgeons; or

(b) Direct, participate in or control the selection of the specific hospital or physician and surgeon from whom the insured secures services or who exercises medical or dental professional judgment.

(3) Nothing in subsection (2) of this section prevents an insurer from negotiating and entering into contracts for alternative rates of payment with providers and offering the benefit of such alternative rates to insureds who select such providers. An insurer may utilize such contracts by offering a choice of plans at the time an insured enrolls, one of which provides benefits only for services by members of a particular provider organization with whom the insurer has an agreement. If an insured chooses such a plan, benefits are payable only for services rendered by a member of that provider organization, unless such services were requested by a member of such organization or are rendered as the result of an emergency.

(4) Payment so made shall discharge the insurerís obligation with respect to the amount of insurance so paid.

(5) Insurers shall provide group policyholders with a current roster of institutional and professional providers under contract to provide services at alternative rates under their group policy and shall also make such lists available for public inspection during regular business hours at the insurerís principal office within this state. [1967 c.359 §464; 1985 c.747 §71; 1989 c.784 §23]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008