Oregon Statutes - Chapter 803 - Vehicle Title and Registration - Section 803.045 - Issuance of title; rules.

(1) The Department of Transportation shall issue title for a vehicle if the applicant and the vehicle meet the following qualifications:

(a) The applicant must satisfy the department that the applicant is the owner of the vehicle and is otherwise entitled to have title issued in the applicant’s name.

(b) Except as otherwise provided in ORS 803.050 (2), the applicant must submit a completed and signed application for title described in ORS 803.050.

(c) The applicant must pay the fee for issuance of a certificate of title under ORS 803.090 or the fee for issuance of title in another form, as established by the department by rule in accordance with ORS 803.012.

(d) If the vehicle is a reconstructed vehicle or an assembled vehicle, the applicant must provide the following information in addition to any other information required under this section:

(A) The certificate of title last issued for the frame of the vehicle, a salvage title certificate issued for the vehicle or other evidence of ownership satisfactory to the department.

(B) Bills of sale for major components used to build the vehicle.

(e) If the vehicle is covered by an Oregon title or salvage title certificate, the applicant shall surrender the Oregon title or salvage title certificate, submit an application as provided under ORS 803.065 or submit other evidence of ownership satisfactory to the department.

(f) Unless the department adopts rules to the contrary, if the vehicle is from another jurisdiction, the applicant shall surrender to the department with the application the certificate of title issued by the other jurisdiction, if such jurisdiction requires certificates of title. If such jurisdiction does not require certificates of title, then the applicant shall surrender the registration cards.

(g) If required by the department, the applicant must submit proof of ownership as described under ORS 803.205.

(h) Other than a racing activity vehicle as defined in ORS 801.404, if the department has reason to believe a vehicle was not certified by the original manufacturer as conforming to federal vehicle standards, the department may require the applicant to provide proof satisfactory to the department that the vehicle conforms to federal vehicle standards.

(i) Unless the vehicle is exempted from odometer disclosure requirements, the applicant shall submit an appropriate odometer disclosure form. The department shall determine what constitutes an appropriate form in any particular situation. The department may make exceptions by rule to the requirement for submission of an odometer disclosure form.

(2)(a) The department may not issue title for a vehicle:

(A) Required by ORS 803.210 to be inspected unless the vehicle has been inspected as described in ORS 803.212 and the inspection fee paid under ORS 803.215.

(B) If the current vehicle title, certificate or ownership document is a junk title, junk certificate or similar ownership document issued by another jurisdiction, or has a junk or similar brand or notation.

(b) The department may adopt any rules it considers necessary for the administration of this subsection. [1983 c.338 §178; 1985 c.16 §61; 1985 c.402 §7; 1985 c.410 §1; 1987 c.146 §5; 1989 c.148 §9; 1991 c.873 §8; 1993 c.233 §21; 2001 c.675 §7; 2003 c.24 §1; 2003 c.655 §100; 2007 c.693 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008