Oregon Statutes - Chapter 803 - Vehicle Title and Registration - Section 803.350 - Qualifications for registration; fee; rules.

This section establishes the requirements for qualification for registration. The Department of Transportation shall not issue registration to a vehicle if the requirements under this section are not met. The department, in the absence of just cause for refusing to register a vehicle upon application, shall assign a distinctive number or other distinctive means of identification and shall issue registration for a vehicle if all of the following requirements are met:

(1) The applicant applies for and is granted title in the applicant’s name at the same time the person makes application for registration, or presents satisfactory evidence that title covering the vehicle has been previously issued to the applicant.

(2) The applicant completes an application described under ORS 803.370. If the vehicle is a reconstructed or assembled vehicle or a replica, the person must indicate that fact in the application or be subject to ORS 803.225.

(3) The applicant pays the department the registration fee established under ORS 803.420 and any applicable fees for issuance of registration plates.

(4) For motor vehicles, proof of compliance with pollution control equipment requirements is provided to the department. Proof required to comply with this subsection is described under ORS 815.310. This subsection does not apply if the vehicle is exempt from the requirements for proof of compliance under ORS 815.300.

(5) The applicant is domiciled in this state, as described in ORS 803.355, if required by ORS 803.360 to be domiciled in the state in order to register a vehicle. If the department has reason to believe that the applicant is not domiciled in this state and is required to be in order to register a vehicle, the department may require the person to submit proof of domicile. The department shall determine by rule what constitutes proof of domicile.

(6) The applicant owns a vehicle that qualifies under ORS 803.360 (2) for registration in this state, if the owner is not domiciled in this state and is not required by ORS 803.200, or any other provision of law, to register the vehicle in this state.

(7) The applicant surrenders all evidence of any former registration or title as required by ORS 803.380.

(8)(a) Beginning with 2009 model year new motor vehicles, the applicant provides proof of compliance with low emission motor vehicle standards adopted pursuant to ORS 468A.360. The department shall determine by rule what constitutes proof of compliance with low emission motor vehicle standards.

(b) The department shall determine by rule which new motor vehicles are exempt from the requirements of this subsection. Any rules adopted pursuant to this paragraph shall be consistent with the Environmental Quality Commission standards adopted pursuant to ORS 468A.360.

(c) For purposes of this subsection, “new motor vehicle” means a motor vehicle with 7,500 miles or less on the odometer when the vehicle is initially registered under ORS 803.420 (1), 805.100 or 805.120.

(9) If required to do so by the department, the applicant provides the department with satisfactory proof that the vehicle was designed to be operated on highways and meets equipment requirements imposed by statute or rule for the lawful operation of a vehicle on highways. The department may adopt rules specifying the kinds of vehicles that are subject to this subsection and what constitutes satisfactory proof under this subsection. [1983 c.338 §210; 1985 c.16 §78; 1985 c.305 §9; 1985 c.402 §11; 1987 c.146 §7; 1989 c.22 §1; 1993 c.233 §48; 2001 c.293 §3; 2007 c.366 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008