Oregon Statutes - Chapter 819 - Destroyed, Totaled, Abandoned, Low-Value and Stolen Vehicles; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Vehicle Appraisers - Section 819.210 - Sale of vehicle not reclaimed.

(1) If a vehicle taken into custody under ORS 819.110 or 819.120 is not reclaimed within 30 days after it is taken into custody, the authority with custody of the vehicle shall either:

(a) Sell the vehicle and its contents at public auction in the manner provided in ORS 87.192 and 87.196; or

(b) Dispose of the vehicle in a manner provided by local ordinance.

(2) The contents of any vehicle sold under this section are subject to the same conditions of sale as the vehicle in which they are found.

(3) The authority to dispose of a vehicle under this section is in addition to any authority under ORS 819.220.

(4) Funds received from the sale of a vehicle or its contents under this section shall be disposed of as provided in ORS 819.250.

(5) Upon sale of a vehicle under this section, an authority shall issue a certificate of sale as described in ORS 819.240. [1983 c.338 §427; 1995 c.758 §15]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008