Oregon Statutes - Chapter 824 - Railroads - Section 824.228 - Procedure for determining mode of track crossing of intersecting railroads.

(1) Whenever it becomes necessary for the track of one railroad to cross the track of another railroad, the Department of Transportation shall ascertain and define either on the application of a railroad or on its own motion and after notice to the affected railroads, in the manner provided for contested cases in ORS chapter 183, the mode of such crossing that occasions the least probable injury upon the safety, welfare and interests of the public and the rights of the company owning the road that is intended to be crossed.

(2) The department shall also determine the compensation to be paid by the railroad so seeking to cross the other, if the railroads are unable to agree thereon, and the points and manner of such connection.

(3) If it appears to the department that it is reasonable and practicable to avoid a grade crossing, the department shall by order prevent the same, and shall prescribe the manner of such crossing.

(4) If any railroad seeks to cross at grade with its tracks the tracks of another railroad, the railroad seeking to cross at grade shall be compelled to pay all damages caused by such crossing, and to interlock or protect such crossing by safety devices to be designated by the department, and to pay all costs of appliances, together with the expenses of putting them in and maintaining them. This requirement does not apply to crossings of sidetracks. [Formerly 763.180; 1997 c.275 §22]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008