Oregon Statutes - Chapter 825 - Motor Carriers - Section 825.162 - Collect on delivery service authorized for intrastate carriers; cargo insurance; bond.

(1) For-hire carriers of property intrastate may provide collect on delivery service. Any carrier providing collect on delivery service shall obtain a satisfactory bond in a sum to be fixed by the Department of Transportation, conditioned that such carrier shall make compensation to shippers or consignees for all property shipped collect on delivery, or money collected therefor, belonging to shippers or consignees and coming into the possession of such carrier in connection with its transportation business.

(2) No certificate or permit shall be issued to any person to operate intrastate as a for-hire carrier of freight or express until the person has in effect cargo insurance in such penal sum as the department may deem necessary to protect adequately the interests of the public. This policy shall bind the assurer for loss of, or damage to, property carried in, upon or attached to the motor vehicles or other equipment operated by, for or under the control of the assured, or while in the care or custody of the assured.

(3) The department may waive the requirement of such bond or cargo insurance for any carrier whose service is limited to commodities not subject to material damage or loss through ordinary transportation hazards, or any carrier who does not engage in transporting collect on delivery shipments. [Formerly 767.200]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008