Oregon Statutes - Chapter 837 - Aircraft Operation - Section 837.055 - Assignment of number; delivery of certificate of registration; duplicate certificates; applications as public records.

(1) Upon receipt of an application for registration of any aircraft and payment of the required license fee, the Director of the Oregon Department of Aviation shall assign to the application and the aircraft to be registered a distinctive number and register the facts stated in the application and the number in an index to be kept for that purpose.

(2) A certificate of registration, bearing the same number assigned to the application, and in a form and design to be determined by the Oregon Department of Aviation, shall be delivered to the owner of the aircraft without further expense to such applicant.

(3) The following apply to the use and display of certificates of registration and other signs denoting registration for aircraft:

(a) The certificate of registration shall be carried in the aircraft at all times.

(b) No sign to denote registration of aircraft by the State of Oregon, other than those furnished by the director, shall be used.

(4) Duplicate certificates of registration may be obtained, upon proof of loss or destruction of the original, by application therefor to the department and the payment of $15 for each additional certificate. The facts stated in any application for registration shall be a public record and open to inspection by the public during reasonable office hours.

(5) Registration of an aircraft does not require, nor does it constitute, evidence of legal ownership of the aircraft. [Formerly 493.100; 1993 c.161 §1; 1993 c.741 §96; 1997 c.585 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008