Oregon Statutes - Chapter 86 - Mortgages; Trust Deeds - Section 86.753 - Discontinuance of foreclosure proceedings after cure of default.

(1) Where a trustee has commenced foreclosure of a trust deed by advertisement and sale, the grantor, the grantor’s successor in interest to all or any part of the trust property, any beneficiary under a subordinate trust deed, or any person having a subordinate lien or encumbrance of record on the property, may cure the default or defaults at any time prior to five days before the date last set for the sale. If the default consists of a failure to pay, when due, sums secured by the trust deed, the default may be cured by paying the entire amount due at the time of cure under the terms of the obligation, other than such portion as would not then be due had no default occurred. Any other default of the trust deed obligation that is capable of being cured may be cured by tendering the performance required under the obligation or trust deed. In any case, and in addition to paying the sums or tendering the performance necessary to cure the default, the person effecting the cure shall pay to the beneficiary all costs and expenses actually incurred in enforcing the obligation and trust deed, together with trustee’s and attorney fees in the amount of:

(a) A total of $1,000 for both trustee’s fees and attorney fees, or the amount actually charged by the trustee and attorney, whichever is less, if the trust deed is a residential trust deed; or

(b) Reasonable attorney fees and trustee’s fees actually charged by the trustee and attorney if the trust deed is not a residential trust deed. Any person entitled to cure the default may, either before or after reinstatement, request any court of competent jurisdiction to determine the reasonableness of the fee demanded or paid as a condition of reinstatement. The court may award attorney fees to the prevailing party. An action to determine reasonable attorney fees or trustee’s fees under this section shall not forestall any sale or affect its validity.

(2) After cure of the default under subsection (1) of this section, all proceedings under ORS 86.740 to 86.755 shall be dismissed by the trustee, and the obligation and trust deed shall be reinstated and shall remain in force the same as if no acceleration had occurred. [1983 c.719 §11; 1985 c.817 §5; 1989 c.190 §4; 1999 c.561 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008