Oregon Statutes - Chapter 93 - Conveyancing and Recording - Section 93.690 - Recording of instruments evidencing passage of title to land from United States to State of Oregon.

(1) The Director of the Department of State Lands shall forward all patents and clear lists of land and other documents evidencing that title to land has passed from the United States to the State of Oregon, which have been or shall be received by the State of Oregon, to the officer in each county of the state in which any of such land is situated whose duty it is to record conveyances of real estate. Upon the receipt of such patents, clear lists or other documents, the recording officer of the county shall forthwith record the instruments in the records of deeds of the county and index them in the manner provided for indexing deeds. When the recording officer has properly recorded such instruments the recording officer shall return them to the Director of the Department of State Lands.

(2) When any such instrument includes land in more than one county, the record of the instrument in each county need include only the description of the land lying wholly or partly in that county and all other land may be indicated as omitted. [Amended by 1999 c.803 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008