11 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 14321 - Retirement And Final Discharge

§ 14321. Retirement and final discharge.

(a) Ordinance.--With regard to continuous service and minimum age requirements, the ordinance establishing or regulations governing the firefighters pension fund shall prescribe as follows:

(1) A minimum period of continuous service of not less than 20 years.

(2) If a minimum age is prescribed, a minimum of 50 years of age.

(b) Retired member.--If not unfit by reason of age, disability or otherwise, a retired member shall be subject to service as a firefighter reserve in a case of emergency under terms and conditions as may be established by council.

(c) Military service.--With the approval of council, a member of the firefighters pension fund shall be entitled to have full credit for each year or fraction of a year, not to exceed five years, of service upon:

(1) the member's payment to the firefighters pension fund of an amount equal to that which the member would have paid had the member been a member during the period for which the member desires credit; and

(2) the member's payment to the fund of an additional amount as the equivalent of the contributions of the city plus the interest the city would have been required to pay on the contributions on account of the military service. To be eligible under this paragraph, the member must be a contributor who served in the armed forces of the United States after September 1, 1940, and was not a member of the firefighters pension fund prior to the military service.

(d) Payments to surviving spouse.--Upon the death of a member who retires on pension or is killed in service on or after January 1, 1960, or who dies in the service on or after January 1, 1968, payments as provided under this subchapter shall be made to the member's surviving spouse during the life of the spouse.

Cross References. Section 14321 is referred to in section 14322 of this title.

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