11 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 14325 - Transfers From Other Pension Funds

§ 14325. Transfers from other pension funds.

(a) Transfers.--In any city where the members of the fire department are members of a pension fund not established solely for the purpose of pensioning members of the fire department, an amount equal to the money contributed to the other pension fund by members of the fire department who have not retired and a just and equitable proportion of the money contributed by the city to the other pension fund for the future retirement of members of the fire department shall be transferred from the other pension fund into the firefighters pension fund required under this chapter. The transfers may be made by the transfer of securities. The amounts to be transferred shall be amicably adjusted by the managers of the firefighters pension fund and the pension board having the charge of the other pension fund. In case of disagreement as to the amount to be transferred, the disagreement shall be resolved by council, whose action on the matter shall be final.

(b) Continuation.--Nothing under this section shall be construed to relieve any existing pension fund of its liability to continue the payment of pensions to retired members of the fire department in accordance with the laws and regulations under which the members were retired.

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Last modified: October 8, 2016