13 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 2a307 - Priority Of Liens Arising By Attachment Or Levy On, Security Interests In, And Other Claims To Goods

§ 2A307. Priority of liens arising by attachment or levy on,

security interests in, and other claims to goods.

(a) Creditor of lessee.--Except as otherwise provided in section 2A306 (relating to priority of certain liens arising by operation of law), a creditor of a lessee takes subject to the lease contract.

(b) Creditor of lessor.--Except as otherwise provided in subsection (c) and in sections 2A306 and 2A308 (relating to special rights of creditors), a creditor of a lessor takes subject to the lease contract unless the creditor holds a lien that attached to the goods before the lease contract became enforceable.

(c) Lessee.--Except as otherwise provided in sections 9317 (relating to interests which take priority over or take free of security interest or agricultural lien), 9321 (relating to licensee of general intangible and lessee of goods in ordinary course of business) and 9323 (relating to future advances), a lessee takes a leasehold interest subject to a security interest held by a creditor of the lessor.

(d) Lessee not in ordinary course of business.--(Deleted by amendment). (June 8, 2001, P.L.123, No.18, eff. July 1, 2001)

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