15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 2545 - Notice To Shareholders

§ 2545. Notice to shareholders.

(a) General rule.--Prompt notice that a control transaction has occurred shall be given by the controlling person or group to:

(1) Each shareholder of record of the registered corporation holding voting shares.

(2) The court, accompanied by a petition to the court praying that the fair value of the voting shares of the corporation be determined pursuant to section 2547 (relating to valuation procedures) if the court should receive, pursuant to section 2547, certificates from shareholders of the corporation or an equivalent request for transfer of uncertificated securities.

(b) Obligations of the corporation.--If the controlling person or group so requests, the corporation shall, at the option of the corporation and at the expense of the person or group, either furnish a list of all such shareholders and their postal addresses to the person or group or provide the notice to all such shareholders.

(c) Contents of notice.--The notice shall state that:

(1) All shareholders are entitled to demand that they be paid the fair value of their shares.

(2) The minimum value the shareholder can receive under this subchapter is the highest price paid per share by the controlling person or group within the 90-day period ending on and including the date of the control transaction, and stating that value.

(3) If the shareholder believes the fair value of his shares is higher, this subchapter provides an appraisal procedure for determining the fair value of such shares, specifying the name of the court and its address and the caption of the petition referenced in subsection (a)(2), and stating that the information is provided for the possible use by the shareholder in electing to proceed with a court-appointed appraiser under section 2547.

There shall be included in, or enclosed with, the notice a copy of this subchapter.

(d) Optional procedure.--The controlling person or group may, at its option, supply with the notice referenced in subsection (c) a form for the shareholder to demand payment of the partial payment amount directly from the controlling person or group without utilizing the court-appointed appraiser procedure of section 2547, requiring the shareholder to state the number and class or series, if any, of the shares owned by him, and stating where the payment demand must be sent and the procedures to be followed.

(e) Cross reference.--See section 1702 (relating to manner of giving notice).

(July 9, 2013, P.L.476, No.67, eff. 60 days)

2013 Amendment. Act 67 amended subsec. (b) and added subsec. (e).

Cross References. Section 2545 is referred to in sections 2542, 2546, 2547 of this title.

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