15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 3321 - Standard Of Conduct For Directors

§ 3321. Standard of conduct for directors.

(a) Consideration of interests.--Without regard to whether the benefit corporation is subject to section 1715 (relating to exercise of powers generally) or 1716 (relating to alternative standard), in discharging the duties of their respective positions, the board of directors, committees of the board and individual directors of a benefit corporation, in considering the best interest of the benefit corporation:

(1) shall consider the effects of any action upon:

(i) the shareholders of the benefit corporation;

(ii) the employees and work force of the benefit corporation and its subsidiaries and suppliers;

(iii) the interests of customers as beneficiaries of the general or specific public benefit purposes of the benefit corporation;

(iv) community and societal considerations, including those of any community in which offices or facilities of the benefit corporation or its subsidiaries or suppliers are located;

(v) the local and global environment;

(vi) the short-term and long-term interests of the benefit corporation, including benefits that may accrue to the benefit corporation from its long-term plans and the possibility that these interests may be best served by the continued independence of the benefit corporation; and

(vii) the ability of the benefit corporation to accomplish its general public benefit purpose and any specific public benefit purpose; and

(2) may consider:

(i) matters listed in section 1715(a); and

(ii) any other pertinent factors or the interests of any other group that they deem appropriate; but

(3) shall not be required to give priority to the interests of any person or group referred to in paragraph (1) or (2) over the interests of any other person or group unless the benefit corporation has stated in its articles its intention to give priority to certain interests related to its accomplishment of its general public benefit purpose or of a specific public benefit purpose identified in its articles.

(b) Coordination with other provisions of law.--The consideration of interests and factors in the manner required under subsection (a):

(1) shall not constitute a violation of section 1712 (relating to standard of care and justifiable reliance); and

(2) is in addition to the ability of directors to consider interests and factors as provided in section 1715 or 1716.

(c) Exoneration from personal liability.--

(1) A director shall not be personally liable, as such, for monetary damages for any action taken as a director if the director performed the duties of his or her office in compliance with section 1712 and this section.

(2) A director shall not be personally liable for monetary damages for failure of the benefit corporation to create general public benefit or a specific public benefit.

(d) Limitation on standing.--A director does not have a duty to a person that is a beneficiary of the general public benefit purpose or a specific public benefit purpose of a benefit corporation arising from the status of the person as a beneficiary.

Cross References. Section 3321 is referred to in sections 3302, 3322, 3323 of this title.

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