15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 8913 - Certificate Of Organization

§ 8913. Certificate of organization.

The certificate of organization shall be signed by each of the organizers and shall set forth in the English language:

(1) The name of the limited liability company, unless the name is in a foreign language, in which case it shall be set forth in Roman letters or characters or Arabic or Roman numerals.

(2) Subject to section 109 (relating to name of commercial registered office provider in lieu of registered address), the address, including street and number, if any, of its initial registered office in this Commonwealth.

(3) The name and address, including street and number, if any, of each of the organizers.

(4) If a member's interest in the company is to be evidenced by a certificate of membership interest, a statement to that effect.

(5) If management of the company is vested in a manager or managers, a statement to that effect.

(6) If the certificate of organization is to be effective on a specified date, the hour, if any, and the month, day and year of the effective date.

(7) If the company is a restricted professional company, a statement to that effect, including a brief description of the restricted professional service or services to be rendered by the company.

(8) Any other provision, whether or not specifically authorized by or in contravention of this chapter, that the members elect to set out in the certificate of organization for the regulation of the internal affairs of the company, except where a provision of this chapter expressly provides that the certificate of organization shall not relax or contravene any provision on a specified subject. But see section 8915 (relating to modification by agreement). A provision included in the certificate of organization under this paragraph shall be deemed to be a provision of the operating agreement for purposes of any provision of this chapter that refers to a rule as set forth in the operating agreement.

Cross References. Section 8913 is referred to in sections 8903, 8915, 8916, 8995 of this title.

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