15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 8924 - Limited Transferability Of Membership Interest

§ 8924. Limited transferability of membership interest.

(a) General rule.--The interest of a member in a limited liability company constitutes the personal estate of the member and may be transferred or assigned as provided in writing in the operating agreement. Unless otherwise provided in writing in the operating agreement, if all of the other members of the company other than the member proposing to dispose of his interest do not approve of the proposed transfer or assignment by unanimous vote or written consent, which approval may be unreasonably withheld by any of the other members, the transferee of the interest of the member shall have no right to participate in the management of the business and affairs of the company or to become a member. The transferee shall only be entitled to receive the distributions and the return of contributions to which that member would otherwise be entitled.

(b) Certificate of membership interest.--The certificate of organization may provide that a member's interest in a company may be evidenced by a certificate of membership interest issued by the company. If such provision is made for the issuance of certificates of membership interest, the operating agreement may provide for the assignment or transfer of any membership interest represented by such a certificate and make other provisions with respect to such certificates.

(June 22, 2001, P.L.418, No.34, eff. 60 days)

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