15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 8997 - Taxation Of Restricted Professional Companies

§ 8997. Taxation of restricted professional companies.

(a) General rule.--Except as provided in subsection (b) and in section 8925(b) (relating to taxation of limited liability companies), for the purposes of the imposition by the Commonwealth or any political subdivision of any tax or license fee on or with respect to any income, property, privilege, transaction, subject or occupation, a domestic or qualified foreign restricted professional company shall be deemed to be a limited partnership organized and existing under Chapter 85 (relating to limited partnerships), and a member of such a company, as such, shall be deemed a limited partner of a limited partnership.

(b) Exception.--A domestic or qualified foreign restricted professional company shall be subject to section 8925(a), instead of subsection (a), for the whole of any taxable year of the company during any part of which the company has:

(1) engaged in any business not permitted by section 8996(a) (relating to purposes of restricted professional companies);

(2) (Repealed).

(3) been a member of a limited liability company.

(July 6, 2006, P.L.319, No.67, eff. imd.)

2006 Repeal. Act 67 repealed subsec. (b)(2).

1997 Partial Repeal. Section 35.1(b) of Act 7 of 1997 provided that section 8997 is repealed insofar as it is inconsistent with Act 7.

Cross References. Section 8997 is referred to in sections 8925, 8995 of this title.

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