20 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Chapter 7 - Orphans' Court Divisions

Subchapter A.  Organization

  • Section 701 - Orphans' Court Divisions
    Orphans' court divisions shall be organized as provided by Title 42 (relating to judiciary and judicial procedure). Except as otherwise provided or prescribed by...

Subchapter B.  Jurisdiction

Subchapter C.  Venue

Subchapter D.  Judges (Repealed)

  • Section 731 - § 732 - (Repealed)
    1978 Repeal. Subchapter D (§§ 731 - 732) was repealed April 28, 1978, P.L.202, No.53, effective in two years as to section 731 and...

Subchapter E.  Duties of the Clerk and Sheriff

Subchapter F.  Masters, Auditors, Examiners, Guardians Ad Litem and Trustees Ad Litem

  • Section 751 - Appointment; Purpose
    The orphans' court division may appoint: (1) Masters.--A master to investigate any issue of fact and to report his findings of fact, conclusions of...
  • Section 752 - Compensation
    The compensation of any master, auditor, examiner, guardian ad litem, or trustee ad litem, subject to any inconsistent general rule shall be paid from...
  • Section 753 - Subpoenas
    Masters, auditors and examiners shall have the power to issue subpoenas with or without a clause of duces tecum to witnesses to appear before...
  • Section 754 - Power To Administer Oaths (Repealed)
    § 754. Power to administer oaths (Repealed). 1978 Repeal. Section 754 was repealed April 28, 1978, P.L.202, No.53, effective in 60 days.

Subchapter G.  Procedure

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