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            coating and wax.  He broke two windshields and, as of the date of                           
            the trial, had not solved this windshield problem.  The J car is                            
            now stored in petitioner's garage; he starts the engine every 6                             
                  The J car is only a prototype and is not intended for street                          
            use.  The design of the J car is unusual in that it has snap-out                            
            upholstery, a dash that will lie flat, and a body attached by                               
            only eight bolts.  The body of the J car was intended to be used                            
            to make a mold with which other car bodies can be made.                                     
            Although petitioner estimated the cost of making such a mold to                             
            be $3,500, a figure he termed "not a big expense", he never made                            
            the mold needed to reproduce the body.  Petitioner suggested that                           
            today he could make the J car for about $7,500 per car.                                     
            Petitioner explained that should someone purchase a copy of the J                           
            car and the body of that vehicle be damaged, the owner could                                
            order a new body from petitioner and easily reassemble the                                  
            vehicle.  Petitioner suggested he could make such a replacement                             
            fiberglass body for $300 to $350 in 1989 and $500 today.                                    
                  Petitioner has never sought and does not have a patent on                             
            the J car's design or on any of its parts, nor does he have any                             
            plans of that design drawn up or otherwise reproduced.  Most of                             
            the J car was constructed from old or new parts of other types of                           
            automobiles.  Petitioner's principal contribution appears to have                           
            been in the unusual and attractive shape of the fiberglass body.                            
            The J car looks like an upscale two-seater sports car, but it                               

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