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            does not have sports car speed or acceleration characteristics.                             
            The unique characteristic of the J car is its purported fuel                                
            efficiency, which petitioner attributes to its lightweight                                  
            fiberglass body and its gear ratios.  The claimed 116.7 miles per                           
            gallon has never been certified or otherwise verified.                                      
                  In 1989, petitioner began making attempts to sell copies of                           
            the car through personal contacts and advertisements.  He                                   
            identified those radio stations that would charge for commercials                           
            on a per-inquiry basis;5 petitioner testified that two or three                             
            California radio stations ran his advertisements under this                                 
            arrangement.  Petitioner also testified that he sent flyers to                              
            numerous automobile magazines, both in the United States and                                
            Europe.  Supposedly, two magazines in Europe published the                                  
            information; however, petitioner could not remember the names of                            
            the magazines.  Nor could he remember the local publications with                           
            which he had placed advertisements.  The flyers listed the sales                            
            price as $14,500, plus an additional $2,500 for a turbocharged                              
            model.  The flyers claimed the gas mileage was 116.7 miles per                              
            gallon, although this mileage had not been certified or otherwise                           
            established.  Petitioner did not receive any orders for the car,                            
            and no sales resulted from these advertisements or his personal                             

            5 The cost of the advertisement was determined by the number                                
            of responses received, with no initial charge for placing the                               

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