Leo N. Levitt and Ruth G. Levitt - Page 28

                                       - 28 -                                         
                    Deliveries of the chemicals sold to the Rambach                   
               companies originated at the Resyn plant.  An invoice                   
               from the American Warehousing Corp., 96 Pine Street,                   
               Jersey City, New Jersey to Rambach charges Rambach as                  
               follows:  "Chg 2nd attempt to pick up bags at Resyn                    
               Corp. $50.00."  A handwritten note on this invoice                     
               reads:  "Deduct from last Chemical Traders' bill we get                
               in about 2 or 3 weeks."  Thereafter Rambach took a                     
               deduction of $50.00 from the Chemical Traders' invoice                 
               dated December 8, 1966.                                                
                    An invoice of the American Warehouse Corp. dated                  
               March 4, 1969 for the delivery of 2,200 bags of maleic                 
               anhydride to Rambach reads:                                            
                    "Ex:  Resyn Corp.                                                 
                    2/24      Delayed at Resyn 1/2 day $50.00                         
                    2/28      Delayed 2 trailers at Resyn, full day                   
               With regard to this charge, Rambach wrote to Levitt at                 
               Chemical Traders, 128 Clinton Avenue, Newark, New                      
               Jersey.  The latter was [returned] to Rambach stamped                  
               "Addressee Unknown."                                                   
                    All of the payments made by Rambach for chemicals                 
               purchased were mailed to Leo Levitt's home at 58                       
               Whiteoak Drive, South Orange, New Jersey.  This was                    
               done at the direction of Leo Levitt who caused to be                   
               attached to the Chemical Traders' invoices directions                  
               that payments were to be mailed to him at the South                    
               Orange, New Jersey address.                                            
                    The checks issued by Rambach to Chemical Traders                  
               and mailed to Levitt totalled as follows:                              
               Year   Amount of Check         Year    Amount of Check                 
               1963     $14,276.40            1967       $38,244.00                   
               1964      59,042.36            1968             0                      
               1965      18,015.00            1969         2,766.35                   
               1966     199,037.00            1970        15,600.00                   
                    The checks received by Leo Levitt for the                         
               chemicals sold to Rambach were either cashed or                        
               deposited in the Chemical Traders' bank account.  Many                 
               of the Rambach checks to Chemical Traders bear the                     
               notation "for deposit only, Chemical Traders."                         
                    The chemicals sold to Rambach were the property                   
               of Resyn and the receipts from the sale of same were                   

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