Leo N. Levitt and Ruth G. Levitt - Page 19

                                       - 19 -                                         
               A U.S. attorney, respondent's agents, and persons outside              
          the IRS sometimes help a grand jury to investigate a case.                  
          Respondent did not participate in a grand jury investigation of             
          Resyn or petitioner.                                                        
               2.   Strike Force                                                      
               Respondent's administrative investigation of petitioner and            
          Resyn was part of a program to investigate persons suspected of             
          being involved with organized crime.  The program was later                 
          called a strike force.  The strike force included the Federal               
          Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Secret Service, Bureau of                    
          Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, &                
          Firearms, Customs Service, Postal Service, and IRS.  The IRS and            
          other agencies made progress reports to strike force attorneys.             
               Respondent's agents, and not strike force personnel,                   
          controlled the joint civil and criminal tax investigation of                
          Resyn and petitioner.  Strike force attorneys helped agents of              
          different agencies conduct their investigations if needed.                  
          Respondent's investigators in this case filed periodic status               
          reports with the strike force coordinator, Arthur Rubenstein                
          (Rubenstein), who forwarded them to the Regional Organized Crime            
          Drive Coordinator who monitored strike force cases.  The regional           
          coordinator forwarded the reports to respondent's Intelligence              
          Division at the national office in Washington, D.C.  Those status           
          reports did not go to the U.S. Attorney's Office or to any strike           
          force attorney.                                                             

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