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            breakdown of hours reflects that the bulk of the time was spent                           
            in brief preparation and consultation with her supervisor.  A                             
            review of the breakdown of hours spent on this matter by the                              
            paralegal reflects that the majority of time was allocated to                             
            research and consultation with Ms. Zimmerman.  Almost the entire                          
            time allocated to this case by Messrs. Rubin and Becker relate to                         
            advice, discussions, and review provided to Ms. Zimmerman.  Given                         
            that Ms. Zimmerman, the attorney who had primary responsibility                           
            for this case, only commenced employment with respondent's Office                         
            of Chief Counsel and was only admitted to practice in this Court                          
            in January 1995, we conclude that Mr. Ray should not be                                   
            responsible for all of the excess time claimed.  Based on the                             
            entire record, including our substantial experience with                                  
            "protestor cases", we hold that Mr. Ray is liable for 16 hours                            
            and 45 minutes of attorney and paralegal time as follows:                                 
            Name               Time            Rate    Lodestar Amount                                
            Jill R. Zimmerman       8 hrs., 30 min.         $100/hr.    $  850.00                     
            Kenneth J. Rubin        1 hr., 45 min.          $150/hr.       262.50                     
            John E. Becker          3 hrs.                  $150/hr.       450.00                     
            Lori A. Feldish         3 hrs., 30 min          $75/hr.        262.50                     
            TOTAL:      $1,825.00                                                                     

            Therefore, respondent's motion for award of damages against                               
            petitioners' counsel is granted in the amount of $1,825.                                  
                  To reflect the foregoing,                                                           
                                                      An appropriate order will                       
                                                be issued, and decisions for                          
                                                respondent will be entered.                           

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Last modified: May 25, 2011