Estate of Donald H. Ray, Deceased, Patricia G. Ray, Independent Executrix, and Patricia G. Ray - Page 11

                    1. [material redacted]                                            
                    2. [material redacted]                                            
                    3. R.D.B. Investments II                                          
               *        *         *        *        *        *        *               
                    Send copies of each 870-L(AD) to me on behalf of                  
               Victor M. Wilder as the Tax Matters Partner so we can                  
               determine when each settlement is accepted and who                     
               remain partners for notice purposes, etc.                              
                    On behalf of the Tax Matters Partner, send me a                   
               copy of the first settlement accepted by the I.R.S. and                
               your computation of the time period for tendering                      
               requests for consistent settlement offers * * *.  I                    
               know several other of my clients do intend to accept                   
               but were not yet ready, or able, to submit an 870-L(AD)                
               for various reasons.                                                   
               Redding also delivered to Palka a cover letter dated May 6,            
          1991, and the Form 870-L(AD) executed by Mrs. Ray as RDB's                  
          authorized representative.  The relevant portion of the cover               
          letter states:                                                              
               DELIVERED BY MESSENGER                                                 
               Mr. Peter Palka, Appeals Officer                                       
               Internal Revenue Service                                               
               10850 Richmond Avenue, Suite 300                                       
               Houston, Texas  77042                                                  
                    Re: Valley Cable, Ltd.: 1983-84 Settlement Acceptance;            
                         R.D.B. Investments II, Inc.                                  
                         TIN: 75-1866473                                              
               Dear Mr. Palka:                                                        
                    Pursuant to Mr. Balboni's letter of April 4, 1991,                
               enclosed is an executed Form 870-L(AD) on behalf of the                
               above-referenced taxpayers, accepting the Government's                 
               settlement offer.                                                      
                    Please send me a copy of the fully executed 870-                  
               L(AD) as soon as it is signed on behalf of the Internal                
               Revenue Service.                                                       

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