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               In February 1989, petitioner and Mr. Wells jointly listed              
          for sale the Paddock Lane property with real estate agents.  Mr.            
          Wells actively participated in attempting to sell the Paddock               
          Lane property through:  (1) Painting the property; (2) selecting            
          the real estate agent; (3) signing the listing agreement; and (4)           
          being involved in the negotiations when an offer was received.              
          During that time, Mr. Wells did not represent or indicate to                
          petitioner that the house was solely her property.                          
               The first real estate listing agreement expired on May 17,             
          1989, and petitioner listed the property for sale with another              
          realtor.  Petitioner wanted to be "in control" of the sale of the           
          Paddock Lane property.  On August 17, 1989, the Paddock Lane                
          property was sold for $630,000.  Petitioner received a prerelease           
          payment of $25,000 and a check in the amount of $37,249.53 in               
          sale proceeds.  Mr. Wells did not receive any of the proceeds               
          from the sale of the Paddock Lane property.                                 
               On August 2, 1989, Mr. Wells' attorney wrote a letter to               
          petitioner stating that the deed (from Mr. Wells to petitioner)             
          "had been tendered on a conditional delivery * * * [and] recorded           
          without Mr. Wells' knowledge or consent."  The letter further               
          stated:  "Also, please be advised that we reserve the right to              
          contest the legal effect of the delivery of the deed which was              
          apparently recorded with respect to the Paddock Lane property and           
          the overall consideration relating thereto."  On August 8, 1989,            

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