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            field of financial planning.  The partnership agreement stated “a                             
            partnership unit” represented a capital contribution of $5,000 to                             
            the partnership.  After identifying the initial general partner                               
            and one limited partner, the agreement provided in part:                                      
                        Each additional person who (not to exceed thirty                                  
                  four (34) in total, with spouses, and other close,                                      
                  family related multiple investors counting together as                                  
                  one investor) acquires any such Partnership Units shall                                 
                  be eligible to become a Limited Partner in the                                          
                  Partnership at such time as he has:                                                     
                               (1) Purchased three or more Partnership                                    
                               (2) Contributed the sum of $5,000 cash and/or                              
                        notes for each Partnership Unit purchased,                                        
                  In a Certificate of Limited Partnership executed                                        
            December 15, 1982, Timothy J. Curtis, the initial general                                     
            partner, and Debra Lee Jensen (Ms. Jensen), the initial limited                               
            partner, stated that Ms. Jensen had contributed cash of $83.33                                
            and a note for $416.67 to the partnership.                                                    
                  In an Amendment to Certificate of Limited Partnership of                                
            Investment Engineers, executed December 30, 1983, the cash and                                
            other property contributed by the limited partners were listed.                               
            According to that certificate, as of December 30, 1983, eight                                 
            limited partners had contributed cash in the amount of $100 each                              
            and notes in amounts varying from $9,900 to $59,900.  Two limited                             
            partners had contributed $500 in cash each and notes of $14,500                               
            and $34,500.  Montelius contributed $110 cash and notes totaling                              
            $79,890.  Robert S. McGlamery contributed cash of $4,010 and                                  

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