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                                                 - 6 -                                                    
                               2.  Multiple investment media are actually                                 
                        different ways of owning the same underlying                                      
                        entity, such as gold versus gold stocks versus                                    
                        gold commodity futures.                                                           
                        D.  Allow user to imput [sic] current cyclical and                                
                  technical indicators, or experiment with any possible                                   
                  indicators, and show their historical effect on any                                     
                  particular investment, group of investments, or                                         
                  portfolio combinations.                                                                 
                        E.  As to various types of investments, assuming                                  
                  consistent quality among them, the user will be able to                                 
                  design investment strategies to maximize the goals of a                                 
                  particular client presenting a specific factual                                         
                  situation, according to either historical performance                                   
                  of the investments involved and the cyclical and                                        
                  technical indicators imputed, or, according to the                                      
                  users own theories and strategies.                                                      
                        F.  The software will have a built in strategy for                                
                  preservation of capital in the face of disasters of                                     
                  either deflation or runaway inflation, as well as                                       
                  beating inflation in current circumstances.                                             
                  On December 30, 1983, the partnership and Knox executed an                              
            Amendment to Research Contract.  Under the amendment, the                                     
            partnership agreed that Knox would not perform, as part of the                                
            consideration under the original Research Agreement, item F,                                  
            quoted above, and Knox agreed to a reduced fee of $540,500 for                                
            the other work to be performed under the original Research                                    
            Agreement.  In addition, Knox agreed to perform item F above and                              
            two new items for a flat fee of $218,000.  The new items were set                             
            forth as follows:                                                                             
                        G.  Knox will attempt to make the software perform                                
                  as a type of “Video Game” that will allow the user to                                   
                  take various roles, such as government, investor, and                                   
                  voter, to teach and illustrate cause and effect                                         
                  relationships between various dependent and independent                                 

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