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               Ms. Levin acknowledged that she was aware of and signed                
          documents relating to the Schulman partnerships.  She reduced the           
          withholding tax on her wages when Mr. Levin told her that the               
          deductions would reduce the amounts owed to the Government.  She            
          also knew that Mr. Levin had, on some occasions, signed tax                 
          documents on her behalf, although she denied authorizing him to             
          do so.  On direct examination by her counsel, Ms. Levin testified           
          that petitioners had many arguments about Mr. Levin's signing tax           
          documents on her behalf.  Specific questions and answers during             
          her testimony included the following:                                       
                    Q  [by respondent's counsel]  You signed your                     
               married filing joint tax returns in 1979 and 1980?                     
                    A  I don't know.  I -- sometimes I was given them                 
               to sign.  Sometimes I was not.  They were already sent                 
                    *     *     *     *     *     *     *                             
                    Q  [by Ms. Levin's counsel]  When did you first                   
               hear that the IRS was examining your tax liability                     
               regarding the Schulman Partnerships?                                   
                    A  * * *  I first heard about it when Harris told                 
               me that there was a problem.  But I assumed that was                   
               taken care of.  And then there was a meeting at the                    
               Hilton Hotel with all -- with a bunch of people who had                
               been involved in this and some attorney was coming                     
               from, I believe, another state.                                        
                    And he wanted to, I guess, sue Schulman for having                
               these illegal -- these -- this illegal tax, I guess it                 
               was a scheme.  I guess, and I wanted Harris to go with                 
               me and he said, no, he wasn't going and --                             
               *     *     *     *     *     *     *                                  

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