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          calendar year basis, by actuaries who base their calculations               
          upon data furnished by the Fund.  The Fund bills each employer on           
          the first of each month, indicating the contribution rate                   
          applicable to that employer, and the employer in turn provides              
          the Fund with a list of employees and hours worked, calculates              
          the per hour rate times the hours worked, and makes its monthly             
          contribution accordingly.  As stated earlier, payments are due on           
          the 20th of the month, and are deemed delinquent if not received            
          by the end of the month.                                                    
               Petitioner's Current Taxable Year ended February 2, 1986.              
          It seems obvious that, except for delinquent payments on account            
          of a preceding month in the taxable year, the only grace period             
          contribution in this case that would be treated by the Northern             
          California Retail Clerks' Employer Benefit Fund in the same                 
          manner that the Plan would treat a payment actually received on             
          February 2, 1986, would be the payment for hours worked in                  
          January, 1986, and which was due February 20, 1986.  All monthly            
          payments thereafter would be treated by the Plan as being related           
          to hours worked in a tax year subsequent to the Current Taxable             
               Petitioner complains that the administrative procedures of             
          the Northern California Retail Clerks' Employer Benefit Fund, as            

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