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          Mr. Thompson also wrote checks on and made deposits to this                 
          account.  Petitioner did not see the monthly checking account               
          statement and did not balance the checkbook.                                
               At the beginning of their marriage, petitioner drove an 8-             
          year-old Cadillac which petitioner and Mr. Thompson had purchased           
          from their neighbors.  Mr. Thompson later gave the Cadillac to              
          his son from a previous marriage.  Sometime between 1982 and                
          1985, Mr. Thompson purchased a Cadillac El Dorado, which was                
          titled in both petitioner's and Mr. Thompson's names.  It is                
          unclear whether the El Dorado was new or used.  Petitioner used             
          the car for transportation for herself and the children.  Mr.               
          Thompson sometimes drove a truck and parked it at the marital               
          home; however, he also drove the El Dorado.                                 
               Petitioner and Mr. Thompson separated in July of 1985.                 
          Pursuant to a court order, Mr. Thompson and petitioner were                 
          ordered to share the residence.  At first, they lived during                
          alternate weeks in the house; however, they were subsequently               
          ordered by the court to live in separate areas of the house at              
          the same time.  Sometime in October or November 1985, petitioner            
          permanently left the marital home to live with her mother.                  
          Tricia continued to reside in the marital home with Mr. Thompson.           
          It is unclear whether Danny resided with Mr. Thompson.                      
               Petitioner's divorce from Mr. Thompson became final on                 
          September 7, 1986.  Pursuant to the Division of Property Order              

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