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          dated July 15, 1986, the Superior Court of the State of                     
          California for the County of Los Angeles (the divorce court)                
          ordered the marital home to be sold for $104,500.  A portion of             
          the proceeds was used to pay various community obligations.                 
          Petitioner received $5,500 as an equalizing payment to offset the           
          receipt of a truck by Mr. Thompson, and she received an                     
          additional $4,383.35 from the sale proceeds of the marital home.            
          The divorce court also ordered the sale of various trucking                 
          equipment and division of the sale proceeds among Mr. Thompson,             
          petitioner, and Mr. Thompson's parents.4  The divorce court noted           
          that certain property was the separate property of Mr. Thompson,            
          other property was the separate property of petitioner, and                 
          certain property was sold.  The court retained jurisdiction over            
          a trailer located in Grass Valley, California.  The record                  
          contains no information regarding the value or disposition of               
          this trailer.  Petitioner and Mr. Thompson were to divide the               
          furniture and camping equipment.  However, Mr. Thompson resided             
          in the marital home, so petitioner never received any of the                
          furniture.  Petitioner did receive photo albums of the children.            
          Petitioner and Mr. Thompson were awarded joint custody of the               

          4         Petitioner testified that this equipment was never                

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