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                                       - 10 -                                         
          graduated from high school in 1959, married and had a family, and           
          drove a taxi until he got a job as a conductor on the Long Island           
          railroad in 1964.  In 1969 he began working for Merrill Lynch as            
          an order clerk, and he worked for both the railroad and Merrill             
          Lynch until he made a living in the securities business.  After             
          becoming a senior trader at Merrill Lynch, Cote left for Loeb,              
          Rhodes in 1972 and eventually ran their trading desk.  In 1978 he           
          returned to Merrill Lynch and co-managed their high yield                   
          securities department.  From 1978 to 1988 Cote also served as one           
          of five voting members of the Merrill Lynch High Yield Commitment           
          Committee.  During the time he served as a member, the committee            
          made decisions for the underwriting of more than $12 billion in             
               Stone learned about the Sentinel EPE recyclers and Northeast           
          from Donald F. Tomasetti (Tomasetti), an accountant married to a            
          cousin of his.  The two have known each other on a personal level           
          since the 1960's.  Tomasetti has a B.B.A. in accounting from the            
          University of Massachusetts.  He worked at Peat, Marwick,                   
          Mitchell for 13 years (5-1/2 as an auditor and 7-1/2 as a tax               
          specialist).  In 1975 he established his own full service                   
          accounting practice, Romito & Tomasetti.  Two or 3 years later,             
          Stone Component Sales Corp. became a client of Romito &                     
          Tomasetti, with Tomasetti acting as the principal adviser to both           
          the corporation and Stone individually.  Tomasetti has no                   
          expertise in plastics.                                                      

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